About Us


United Doctors Hospitals’ Total Quality Management (TQM) Department is dedicated to improve the quality of healthcare and is committed and is responsible for assuring, evaluating and improving the level of care we provide to patients and their families and to promote a collaborative, win-win culture and recognize the achievements created by individuals and teams through performance improvement.

The TQM Department focuses on doing the right things right in addition to applying continuous, ongoing improvements.

The main role of TQM Department:

As the Coordinator and Resource Office for Quality Standards. To monitor every components of the hospital in their performance with adherence to the quality standards. Provide continuous education and awareness for a continuous improvement process. Give recognition to those components who have achieve admirable improvements in their designated tasks. The golden rule is simple but effective way to explain it, ”Do unto others as you like others do unto you.”   The TQM Department coordinates clinical best practices across departments, sections and units to promote:

1. High quality medical attention
2. Patient Safety
3. Performance Improvement
4. Patient Satisfaction

Total Quality management uses the following Quality improvement tools to carry out its scope of service.

Quality Indicators
Quality Improvement projects
International Patient Safety Goals
Occurrence Variance Reporting
Satisfaction Surveys
Review Program on Compliance of CBAHI Standards