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There is no doubt that the birth of a new child in any family is a matter of excitement, which enters the whole family in a state of joy and pleasure, which sometimes may have some anxiety and fear about the newborn and his health.

A newborn child needs careful medical attention from the very first moments of his or her mother's womb and inhalation for the first breath in his or her life.

From the beginning, this intensive care helps to reassure the child's breathing and overall state of health, and helps in the early detection of some health problems where early treatment is the best way to protect the child from serious complications that may occur later.

The importance of caring for a newborn child is even more important when parents know the likelihood of a mother entering an early birth, that is, the child will be born prematurely, which we call the premature child.

A premature child is more likely to have some health problems than others who were born after normal life within the mother's womb of 37 weeks.

Parents should therefore take this into account and prepare for that child's presence in anticipation of any problems or problems they may face, so choosing the place of birth so that it is equipped with a special unit of incubators to care for premature babies is the first thing to think about and look good for the best places for it, and no need to fear or expect Problems, the presence of the child in the incubator will help to provide nutrition, heating and breathing conditions appropriate for the child to be compensated for the period that he did not spend in his mother's womb.

Of course, a premature child may be exposed to some health problems such as weight loss, difficulty breathing and poor nutrition, as well as the likelihood of infection with certain diseases.

Also, giving the child more attention, the mother has some diseases during pregnancy such as diabetes or hypertension, because this may affect the health of the child.

And do not forget that the incidence of bile is one of the most popular problems for premature babies, and in custom incubators there are devices that help reduce the level of bile in the child.

Child's presence in the incubator:

The incubator for preterm infants varies from hospital to clinic, but usually serves as a large room with open or closed incubator beds. It is the responsibility of the August to learn about the incubator and the level of care for it, often the baby sitter is full of devices and members of the medical team, and despite the parents ' usual concern, it is sometimes difficult to approach and develop an intimate relationship with the child.

Premature babies are slightly different from natural children, they are smaller in size, more fragile and more vulnerable. Sometimes it is psychologically difficult for parents, especially the mother, to deal with the shape of their premature baby, especially if it is also associated with many tubes and devices in the incubator. A premature child is more likely to be infected with bacteria and diseases, so doctors often identify limited times to visit.

Doctors sometimes follow some of the means to help mothers who are psychologically affected by the child's distance and presence in the incubator, by allowing her to be close to the child, watching it and sometimes allowing a touch depending on the individual case, and despite of everything, the child needs to feel the warmth and tenderness of these touches which are It is an intangible link between a child and his mother that transcends the frontiers of science and stems from the instinct that God created the creatures.

Breast milk can sometimes be extracted and supplied to the child instead of the synthetic milk, so that it helps to breastfeed afterwards. The health status of premature babies varies, as some children quickly recover and continue to grow, such as natural children.

Some mothers may ask about the fate of a premature child after that, will he need special attention and will his growth be affected by other children?

Of course, you must continue to follow up with the specialist physician, to follow the general state of health of the child, and to monitor his growth and development.

As for the child's subsequent impact, this depends heavily on the early stage at which the child was born, but do not worry, the health condition of premature babies is often improved continuously in terms of growth and weight gain, especially in the first two years of the child's age.

As for the mobility of the child, always consult the doctor about the extent to which your child is in the normal stage of development compared to his age.

Finally, there is no reason to fear that the child will be less in the academic performance than his peers, your duty is to provide all the help to your child and help him develop, and also to care for his health and regular follow-up at the doctor, and rest assured that the difference between him and his peers, if any, will fade as he develops in his age stages.

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