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Dr. Tigani did his MBBS in 1977 from the University of Khartoum. He also did his MRCP in 1992 at the Ireland. He is a member of American College Clinical Endocinologists and Professional Member of American Diabetes Association.

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Dr. Yousef Qari is Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist Consultant. A 1992 Certified Canadian Board in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He is also a Certified American Board of the same field and a President of the Saudi Gastroenterology Association.


Dr.Nabil is a Consultant of Internal medicine, Gastroenterology and Endoscopy and Professor of Internal Medicine in Zagazig College of Medicine - Egypt

Doctorate Degree 1988 in Internal Medicine from the same University.

DR.Moustafa shbaikahCONSULTANT

Dr. SHBEIKA  is a Consultant of Internal Medicine and endoscopy in the hospital

MRCP since 1984.

FRCP since 2001.


Consultant of Internal Medcine in the hospital

Professor of Internal medicine - Zagazeeg University- Egypt

Doctorate Degree since 1995

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DR. Hossam IbraheemCONSULTANT

Dr.Hossam is a consultant of Internal Medicine and Blood diseases
He is an Assitent Professor of Internal Medicine in Ain Shams College of Medicine
He was graduated 1990 with general grade Excellent with Honor Degree and had master degree with excellence 1995 and had  Medical doctorate degree 2001

DR.Sherwett MahmoudCONSULTANT

Dr. Sherwett is a Consultant of Internal Medicine and Tropical Medicine in the hospital.


She had her MD Degree from  Zagazeeg College of Medicine - Egypt.


Lecturer of Internal and Tropical Medicine -Zagazeeg College of Medicine

DR.Hesham Alkassar CONSULTANT

Dr. Hesham is a Consultant of Internal mecine and Gastroenterology

Lecturer of Internal Medicine - Kasr al aini College of Medicine - Egypt

He has Doctorate Degree from Kasr - Al aini hospital -Egypt