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Visitors are welcome, but the hospital's first responsibility is to our patients. To ensure your comfort and safety: Visitors should take care and should avoid lengthy stays.

- Visitors are permitted to visit the patients.
- Only one visitor is allowed to stay overnight with the patient.

- Staff may ask visitors to leave the room if treatment of the patient is required.

- In the maternity area , the hospital permits only mother and father to enter the nursery , sibling and relatives can view the baby anytime .

- Taking pictures and videos is not allowed in the hospital premises.

- Visitors are required to maintain silence in the corridors to respect the roommate’s need for quite and privacy

Visiting Hours
General visiting hours are 8 a.m.-12midnight., except in special areas, such as NICU and Intensive Care Units from 11am -12pm and evening from 6pm-7pm for the relatives , parents can visit anytime .
Visiting hours in the wards depend on each patient's