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Since our patients are our primary concern, we want to make your visit to United Doctors Hospital as pleasant as possible. We are very interested in your suggestions or concerns about any aspect of our service.
If your suggestions or concerns are related to an inpatient stay, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Nurse or Nurse In-charge of the unit on which you received your care. If your comments are related to a Physician or other outpatient facility, please feel free to contact the Head of the concerned department.
And, if you need help in determining who would best address your suggestions, comments or concerns, our Patient Relation Officer is happy to assist. You can reach the Patient Relation Officer through Patient Affairs Department at extension 1339, from 0900H – 1700H, Saturday through Thursday except Friday.

United Doctors Hospital Patient Affairs aims to:

- Advise and support patients and their families.
- Provide information on the hospital services.
- Listen to and respond to your concerns, suggestions or queries.
- Influence changes in the service.


The UDH Patient Relation is responsible of:

- Seeking out views of patients’ through daily visits.
- Addressing any queries by communicating with the Department Head or Supervisor of the concerned unit or department.
- Collecting and responding to comments through hospital questionnaires.
- Providing early solutions to problems and concern in coordination with the Duty Manager and the Patient Complaints Committee.
- Supporting Patient Rights.
- Providing information and support to access other information including the Patient Complaint Procedure and any aspect of the hospital services.
- Liaison between professionals for patients.
- Auditing comments to pick up trends and influence changes required for improvements in coordination with the Patient Complaints Committee.
- Supporting patients and public involvement in care.
- Raising staff awareness of public concerns and issues.

Patient Relation Standards
- Patient is relation is committed to provide a high quality standard of care within its resources.
- Patient Relation develops its own standards as required by the patients, public and staff that it serves.
- Patient Relation welcomes constructive feedback.