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United Doctors Hospital has the latest and state-of-the-art technology in the Department of Radiology. The department is well equipped for diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Being an indispensible, widely used diagnostic modality, the department is well equipped with Ultrasound units including the High Definition,3D&4D obstetric U.S. superficial part & Color Doppler, Abdominal, Peripheral Vascular Doppler. Trans-vaginal U.S., Guided Biopsies, Catheter Placements and bedside scans are performed apart from routine abdominal, obstetrics/Gynecology & neonatal imaging as well as various gento-urinary related scan. Fine needle aspiration are also done.

The department is well equipped with a state-of-art Spiral , Multislice, CT Scanner, Spiral studies of the Brain, Spine ,Neck, Chest, Abdomen, and CT Scan of the Musculoskeletal system are done routinely . Virtual endoscopy, CT Angiography, volume rendering and CT pelvi-metry guided biopsies & minor interventional procedures such as Aspiration Biopsy Guided.

CT interventional Mineral Densitometry studies are also done in this unit.
Therapeutic non-vascular interventions such as Percutaneous Trans-hepatic Biliary Drainage Stenting and Percutaneous Nephrostomies are also performed.

Routine, diagnostic & screening mammography studies including Guided aspiration, needle localization of breast lumps are provided.

General Radiology
Skeletal imaging, various gastrointestinal, urological & gynecological contrast studies as well various radiological imaging & procedures under digital fluoroscopy guidance.