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Physiotherapy is a primary force in the rehabilitation of a patient. The growing importance and need for rehabilitative medicine has had direct impact on Physiotherapy. In response to the overwhelming demand for this specialty, United Doctors Hospital has developed it’s own Physiotherapy Section that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and manned by trained and dedicated therapists.

Here, rehabilitation is done in a short period as possible and makes life near normal. The Physiotherapy section provides comprehensive care to all male and female patients from 9am -1pm and 5pm - 9pm, Saturdays to Thursdays, using modalities therapeutics exercise, realistic goals based on problems and treatment plan.

Fields of Treatment:

» Orthopedic
Physical Therapist treat all major orthopedic ailments. The improved understanding of the bio-medical principles have contributed to a great extent in redefining and enhancing the physical therapy.

» Cardio-pulmonary Physiotherapy
Chest Physiotherapy is not only therapeutic but also prophylactic. Chest Physiotherapy has a vital role in the intensive care of a cardiac patient especially when appropriate bronchial hygiene techniques are allowed

» Pain Rehabilitation
Pain may vary from acute to chronic on visual analogy but it can be effectively treated with latest sophistication of electrotherapy modalities, the facilities for which are available at United Doctors Hospital. New forms of electrotherapeutic modalities are contributing a lot to alleviate the pain symptoms . The department is equipped with ultrasound, interferential therapy, bio-feedback, short wave, etc. We educate the patients on back care, neck care, and try to create an awareness to the people about the symptoms and the kind of treatment available.