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The Department of Gastroenterology and Liver Services has the input of the best medical and surgical gastroenterologists with extensive experience abroad and in Jeddah, kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Interventional Endoscopy relating to the biliary tract and management of complications of portal hypertension, in addition to oesophageal and rectal dilation, colonic polypectomies and the placement of feeding gastrostomies, esophageal stents continues to expand and compromises a greater percentage of the total endoscopy work of the department.

The other facilities extended by the department are:

- ERCPs (both diagnostic and therapeutic) including Sphincterotomies and Stone extraction.
- 24-hour service for acute bleeds and acute liver failure.
- Comprehensive work up in Chronic liver disease.
- Serological assessment for Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.

Surgical Gastroenterology
Surgical Gastroenterology is a full-pledged department with the laparoscopic surgical facilities. The department deals with all the diseases of the entire digestive tract, besides liver, gall bladder, and the pancreas.
The department is keeping pace with the current trends in the diagnosis and treatment of all surgical problems related to digestive tract. The services offered by the department includes Drainage of Pancreatic pseudo cyst, Surgery for Oesophageal Stricture, Surgery for Hiatus Hernia, Total Gastrectomy, Radical Resections for Cancer of the bowel, Pouch Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Management of Intestinal Fistula.