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Confidentiality is central to the relationship of trust between you and your patient. The duty of confidentiality applies to all members of the hospital.
- The patient shall be ensured confidential treatment of all information contained in his personal and clinical record.
- The patient shall be entitled to summaries of such records.
- The patient’s written consent shall be required for the release of information to anyone not otherwise authorized by the patient to receive it. Only minimum information is released which is necessary for the purpose.
- The patient will be explained about the circumstances in which it is needed to share information about them with others involved in their healthcare.
- The patient will be given opportunity to withhold permission from us to share information.
- If a patient allows to share information, we make sure:

* What will be release?
* The reason for releasing it
* The likely consequences of releasing information

-The patient has the right to ensure complete confidentiality of all his/her treatment by never been discussing the patient in public, never revealing the patient name or any information about his illness, and not publicizing any information.
Preventing information from being accidentally revealed and prevent unauthorized access by keeping information secure at all times. In exceptional circumstances, it may be justified to make confidential patient information known without consent if, it is in the public interest or the patient’s interest. We, as a staff of United Doctors Hospital have both an ethical and a legal duty to keep the patient information confidential.