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Patient satisfaction and patient perceptions of outcomes have become valuable and important components in the assessment of the quality of health care.

Patients are uniquely able to provide information about their ease or difficulty of obtaining care, the interpersonal dimensions of the patient and physician relationship. The patient’s view of the technical quality of care provided, and the patient’s functional status and perceived wellbeing. It is the responsibility of the United Doctors Hospital to give high quality care and services to the patients and measure the quality and satisfaction of the patients in order to improve the quality of care and services.

 The Patient Relation Officer /social worker will give each patient the satisfaction questionnaire during their daily patient rounds.  

 - The Patient Relation Officer /social worker will kindly ask the patient to fill the patient satisfaction questionnaire and explain how important their input. Your opinion is confidential. We value and appreciate your feedback.

The patient will be asked about the following:

  - The reason of choosing United Doctors Hospital and how many times he/she was admitted to United Doctors Hospital.  

- The process of Admission and Discharge, the food service and the food quality, nursing, medical treatment and discharge process.  

 The Patient Relation Officer/social worker will collect the patient satisfaction questionnaire from the patient or through the nurse prior to the discharge time of the patient.